International Practice

Global risk management and commercial documentation, commercial litigation and enforcement of creditor’s rights, the collection of problem accounts receivable, and insolvency matters comprise nearly half of our work at Bialson Bergen & Schwab and takes our attorneys to negotiations, courtrooms and arbitration forums in nearly 80 countries around the world. With over thirty years of practice in North America and established and emerging nations throughout the world, we bring a unique skills set to our clients.

The majority of our clients are continuously involved in international sales operations and financial transactions. These transactions represent significant amounts of money and, when financial credit worthiness concerns develop, disputes arise or conflicts occur, they require swift and efficient resolution. To accomplish that, our attorneys have the experience and expertise to address the issues and bring about an appropriate resolution within the shortest possible time frame. Frequently, Bialson, Bergen & Schwab attorneys engage in the “across the table” face-to-face negotiation concluding the issue or dispute real time and in a commercial manner. We have found – and clients attest – that by going swiftly to the source of the conflict to negotiate resolution or settlement on the best terms possible, we are able to achieve successful commercial solutions which would otherwise end in costly, cross-border business interruption or litigation.

Perhaps that explains why, on our own or with the assistance of our established network of co-counsel throughout the world, Bialson Bergen & Schwab attorneys participate in most major international insolvency matters for the world’s largest technology companies. It may also explain why Bialson, Bergen & Schwab attorneys have been so successful in avoiding expensive international litigation for its clients by employing skillful negotiation so as to achieve realistic commercial settlements.

Whether the issue is a financial workout or market integrity issue requiring a negotiated solution in London, Kuala Lumpur or Miami; a contested insolvency proceeding in Kazakhstan, Milan or Delaware; a multinational guaranty or other risk management tool addressing concerns in Taipei, Helsinki or Los Angeles; a litigated contract dispute in Hong Kong, Moscow or San Francisco; a hard-fought arbitration in Singapore, Costa Rica or New York; or enforcing a judgment or retrieving collateral in Kiev, Lisbon or Phoenix—Bialson, Bergen & Schwab provides seamless consistent representation.